4 Are brands going to save the world?

Are brands going to save the world?

For every bottle you buy, we plant a tree. For every burger we sell, we donate half the money to the firemen. For every glass you get, we take drinkable water to a town that doesn’t have it yet. Have you ever heard something similar? Brands are here to save our world, and we don’t ask why, we just let them, of course. But today, maybe it is time to ask some questions.

The real purpose behind it

Branded products like premium beers, fast food chains or bottled water are doing something to change our world, but why? The first thing that will come up to your mind is to sell more, but let’s just take a second. They are not giving free samples, or lowering their prices, they are actually helping, which is harder than it seems. So, if they’re already selling good amounts of their thing, what’s the reason behind it? Well, there are two things they’re looking for, and both are totally worth it.


Big festivals like Cannes can level up any kind of branded products in just one campaign. Once you get awarded, you get recognition and prestige. But not just for the products, also for the talented and creative ad agencies behind the ideas. Win one of those awards, and you’ll be full of new clients buying your talent.


This is, probably, the most important thing to have in mind. The more you connect to your audience as a product, the more you get to be part of their lives. If someone recommends you, as a product, then people will follow that recommendation just because it came from one of their own. So, if you save the whales, people who care about whales will become your voice carriers, recommending you even more than if you gave them free stuff. So, if you see an ad saying that if you buy something you are helping the world, just go for it, because the more we support this kind of campaigns, the more there will be.